Almost Overlooked

About the Expedition

In November 2022, 34 miles south of the Arctic Ocean, in an area said to be too arid, 10 miles further north than continental glaciers were believed to exist, Northernmost Glacier was discovered. In a time when glaciers are disappearing at an accelerated pace, the race against the clock is on to document North America's northernmost glacier.
Due to the late discovery, the Almost Overlooked expedition missed the window for a scientific permit allowing for the extraction of core samples. The primary objective of the expedition is to photograph and get on the ground data of Northernmost Glacier, as well as scouting and determining if there is a plausible overland route for extracting core samples in 2024.
We have been told a documentary about glaciers is not acceptable to film in ANWR, only films dedicated to wildlife. We have the okay for the trip and all intended photography, but a commercial documentary about glaciers is out of the question.

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Almost Overlooked - Zach Sheldon
Zach Sheldon

Expedition Leader, Photographer

Owner of Alaska Guide Company and discoverer of Northernmost Glacier, Zach is an experienced wilderness guide.

Almost Overlooked - Eric Christensen
Eric Christensen

Muscles, Medic

Eric has been on many adventures with Zach and often as climbing partner, adventure buddy, and handsomely rugged stand-in model. Besides his sense of adventure and witty humor Eric brings additional saftey and medical experience to the team. Eric serves on the Valdez volunteer fire department as well as Search and Rescue.

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